In this article you will learn how to get IDENTYO audiences directly into your Facebook Ads 

Segment Names:






Please watch the instructions video below 

New Audience Segments

  • Visitor

    • This user is not a bot and may have just become aware of your product or service. Users in this category are recognized as human, but have not yet provided enough signals to be scored by IDENTYO’s algorithm.

  • Aware

    • IDENTYO’s system detected that this visitor is aware of your brand, products or services and has visited the site to review content. Users in this category have exhibited signals and behavior that indicate they have the potential and ability to convert.

  • Interest

    • IDENTYO’s system recognizes users in this category are more than aware of your brand/product, they are seeking information on your site, researching your services on other sites and investigating competitor sites.

  • Desire

    • IDENTYO’s system has detected that this user has indicated strong buying signals, both on and off your site. These users have likely visited your site more than once, have significant potential AND have indicated a strong desire for your product.. 

  • Bot

    • IDENTYO’s system uses multiple levels of fraud detection to help you eliminate visitors to your site that have no value, such as bots or fraudulent visitors. This is one of the most powerful segments that IDENTYO provides, because it allows you to exclude users from your campaigns and protect your budget from meaningless traffic.