In this article you will learn how to get IDENTYO audiences directly into your Google Ads 





Visitor Score 9 


Visitor Score 0 

Visitor Score 5 

  1. Google Ads - Create Audiences
    1. Go to Tools 
    2. Go to Audience Manager
    3. Create new Audience
    4. Choose Website Visitors 
    5. Type audience name
    6. Choose Visitors of a page with specific tags
    7. Add a new tag
    8. Repeat the next few steps creating all the tags
    9. Click Save
    10. Save the Conversion ID in yellow (this ID will be the same for all tags
    11. Save the Conversion Label ID in green on a text doc with the name of the tag
  2. Import and merge GTM Container (attached)
    1. Login to your Google Tag Manager account and click on Admin
    2. Click on Import Container
    3. Import the attached file
    4. Choose "Existing" Workspace
    5. Choose your Workspace
    6. Import Option: Merge 
    7. Click to confirm
  3. Finish the setup in GTM
    1. Go to GTM "Variables" - Variable name is ID7Event
    2. Click on "output"
    3. Fill in the right Conversion Labels in the correct Segment name
    4. Save
    5. Go to GTM "Tags" - Tag name is Google Ads Remarketing ID7
    6. Fill in your Conversion ID - Without "AW-" 
    7. Save
    8. Publish the change